National Bank of Greece Branch in Maroussi

Location:64 Kifissias Av. & Premetis Str., Maroussi
Client:National Bank of Greece
Images:Periklis Thouas
Collaborators: Eleni Vikela
Sector: Retail, Interior Design

Situated on the ground floor of a multi-storey building, it is an ample but long hall with structural glazing on three out of four external sides, providing working area for twelve employees. Despite its geometry, the entrance had to be on the narrow side neighboring to the busy avenue for promotional reasons.This restriction was the basis for the whole planning.

The entrance windbreak is totally made of glass. The steel roof is hanging from the ceiling giving the impression that it hovers in the air and penetrating a wall cladded with black and white marble that segregates the existing staircase to the basement which is solely used by the employees.
Easily distinguished horizontal zones have been applied on every space element to unify the composition. Sandblast designs on the external glazing, the windbreak glass and the low glass panels, the stainless steel stripes on the counters, the office wooden lining, the linear shades of lighting and the air conditioning ducts.
The necessary storage drawers are hidden in a wooden, light tinted surface behind the counters and the cashier, provided with narrow vertical niches of walnut used as handles and horizontal backlight plexiglas stripes. The sub-workgroups are physically separated by low glass panels mounted on the floor with stainless steel corner base supports.

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