National Bank of Greece Branch in Kolonaki

Location:11-13 Skoufa Street, Kolonaki, Athens
Client:National Bank of Greece
Sector: Retail, Interior Design

The project aims to create a functional and modern bank store, located on an large, public, commercial axis of Athens. The design focuses on a new interior arrangement and upgrade of the spaces that house the Bank's Branch.
Main element of the proposal is the central axis of entrance on the ground floor, which is celebrated by a wide staircase leading down to the semi-underground floor, where the cashiers' desks are located. The axis is highlighted by a tall, elongated soffit with linear lighting recesses.

All vertical walls are purposefully coated with a single material of wooden texture, in order to enhance the sense of continuity, as well as ensuring a quiet background for the desk spaces and the intensity of public movement during rush hours. The new wooden coatings embody storage cabinets along the east and west walls, while also hiding all mechanical equipment and pipelines, as well as covering existing column projections.
The columns are covered with black granite and vertical inox hollow mouldings along their short sides. The colour and glossiness of the material is highlighted by the vertical recesses which contribute to the reduction of the load-bearing elements' volume.
Finally, the space is complimented by specially designed plaster soffits, with hidden lighting recesses and separate lighting fixtures.

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