Factory Showroom for Vlavianos Glass Processing Company in Aspropyrgos

Client:Vlavianos Glass S.A.
Status:In progress
Sector: Industrial & Infrastructure, Offices & Administration

The identity of the glass company was the starting point for the concept and guided to the elaboration of the design ideas. The architecture of the new offices and exhibition space, aims to highlight the building as an “exhibit“ itself, by creating a dynamic building, consisting of multiple glass constructions.

The dominant element of the design is the second shell, wrapping the building and protecting it from solar radiation and wind pressure. This external shell consists of glass brise-soleil, digitally printed with geometrical motifs, that resemble natural elements, such as tree trunks and branches. The digital print's pattern not only gives a vivid and playful appearance to the façade, but also lets the eye into the exhibition space, due to its density range.
The entrance of the building is marked by a light glass shading structure, supported on tall and thin steel columns and a linear glass floor, which perspectively direct the visitor to the interior.
The interior maintains the exhibitional character, with glass wall claddings and the bold presence of the main glass staircase. The staircase stands out as the most impressive exhibit, with its high-end construction technology. Its sculptural elliptical shape gives the impression of an unfolding ribbon, creating a continuous flow between the levels of the exhibition spaces.

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