Office Building Complex in Maroussi (Former “MARFIN” Bank Headquarters)

Location:24 Kifissias Av. & Egialias Str., Maroussi
Client:Vovos Babis - Diethnis Techniki S.A.
Images:Nikos Daniilidis
Sector: Mixed use, Offices & Administration

This project is a complex of two identical mirror-placed volumes, with a uniform typology of four typical storeys and minor differences in the office areas arrangement. The ground levels hosting the bank branch offices have a unified development, with the central stairwells placed on the rear side.

The compositional element, assigned to redefine the identity of the ensemble, is the intermediate courtyard connecting the rear and the frontal open space. The covering metal canopy, connecting the two buildings, lends a particular identity to the complex. The structure of the space frame consists of twin elliptical arcs of circular profile, and solid steel tension rods. Smaller, curved, round profiles, attached in a dense arrangement underneath the primary arches, were used to create pleasant shading.
The elevations are formed by white granite and grey-blue glasspanes. The proportions of the openings are differentiated on each floor, with gradual reduction towards the top of the building. In reference to the perforated metal roof, square steel frames were suspended from the narrow front elevation of both buildings.

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