Three-storey Residence in Kifissia

Images:Christophoros Doulgeris
Collaborators: Interior Design by Pan. Chatzinas - AC Project S.A.
Sector: Residential

This single-family residence is located on the north side of a large corner plot (2 acres). While the building's main programmatic elements are organized around a closed, double-height core, they are simultaneously connected with a private green garden with tall pine trees and cypresses. The rear side of the plot is occupied with an existing 20-year-old residence.

The main design goal was the creation of distinct volumes, attached to open-air spaces and shading structures. A continuous interplay of light and darkness among these three elements is everchanging along the seasons and during the day.
The entry façade employs a simple but dynamic geometry. It is broken into large transparent and opaque surfaces and secondary small openings, while the main entry is highlighted by a canopy that frames a double height curtain wall and a cantilevered glass volume. The glass volume is based on the first landing of a switch-back staircase, which extends outwards, in order to give a feeling of being outside in close proximity to the garden, before turning back to the double height interior entryway. The concept of circulation between introvert and extrovert spaces within the entry hall, is celebrated by an interior illuminated side wall made of mineral rock, which contributes to the interchange of natural and artificial light.
All the other building façades give a sense of plasticity, as the volumes gradually dissolve into the landscape. This is achieved by the use of horizontal and vertical linear shading elements, which filter light and shade, as well as the views from the bright interior spaces. These are independent metal structures attached to the building frame, and serve as extensions of the building floors. They organize the outdoor spaces, while becoming the main architectural elements that define the building's identity, rendering it into a perforated shell with a dynamic presence.

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