Three Houses in P. Psychiko

Location:P. Psychiko, Athens
Client:Sarbro-Psychiko L.P.
Images:Thanos Athanassiou / Nikolaos Markou
Collaborators: Interior Design of House A by RS Architects
Sector: Residential

On an intermediate, oblong site with intense transversal inclination, on a rocky slope of Tourkovounia, a complex of three houses was designed, with a view to the east.

The project is composed as a linear array of typologically similar units, which develop vertically, because of the site slope, distanced from the western boundary of the street that is at the highest level. The houses are accessed from the exterior by bridges, while intermediate low volumes form the vertical elevator cores that provide vehicles with access to common underground parking area. The houses are arranged in five levels, with living areas on the access level, bedrooms, indoor pool and auxiliary areas on all lower levels.
The exterior is covered with horizontally laid stone plates. Narrow zones follow wider ones with alternating rough and polished surfaces, which articulate at the same time the proportions of certain openings. Important element of the concept forms the dividing wall that extends and separates the two symmetrical houses, the one in the middle and the southern one. The balconies of the main façade, and the beams of the pergolas on different levels on the roof, are anchored on that wall.

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