Remodeling and extension of a listed building in Psychiko

Location:P. Psychiko, Athens
Images:Spyros Hound
Collaborators: Interior Design Concept (upper ground floor): Atelier François Catroux, Final Interior Design (upper ground floor): in collaboration with DNE Architects, Furnishings & Decoratives (upper ground floor): SBM Interior Design
Sector: Residential, Restoration - Remodeling, Interior Design, Recently Completed

The refurbishment and restoration of two listed mansions in the area of Paleo Psychiko in a plot, covering an area of 1,25 acres, was a highly demanding project, both in terms of survey and careful study as well as during construction.
The two buildings, that had been the former palaces of Paul and Frederica, belong to a set of significant cultural and architectural heritage, as they are important examples of interwar renowned architecture.

Building A is developed on three levels. Careful restoration of the listed shell was carried out with respect to the openings and decorative elements. On the inside, the three floors were rebuilt with a new load-bearing structure. At the same time, an extension was studied and carried out with a narrow connecting wing attached to the listed building. The new addition attempts to blend smoothly and gently at the side of the listed monument.
At this stage, the interior of the entrance and reception areas of the intermediate level (upper ground level) has been completed. The photographic material shows this stage of sitework. A systematic effort was made in the floors, ceilings, and claddings to shape the interior spaces in a way that refers to the features and decoratives of the neoclassical building without the use of unnecessary or excessive ornaments. Finally, great care was given to careful and very discrete integration of HVAC and lighting systems.

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