Concept Design Competition for a Model Branch of Optima Bank

Client:Optima Bank
Status:Not materialized
Sector: Retail

The central idea of the flowing space with the curved outline is applied to the entire area where customers move within the store. This idea is applied to the curved custom-made furniture with the mobile equipment (living rooms, chairs, desks).

The same concept seems to apply to the ceiling, where suspended light-colored panels seem to be floating under a dark-colored background. The panels may integrate lighting fixtures, whereas most of the e/m equipment would also be colored, concealed between the panels. As these panels flow freely, they may adapt to various shapes and outlines of different interior arrangements. The curved organic forms, both in the model branch, as well as the other future branches of the network, either by direct repetition, or as a similar reference, may constitute a direct, recognizable environment and contribute to the development of the corporate identity.

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