Office Building Complex with Retail in P. Faliro

Location:1 Poseidonos Av. & 3 Moraitini Str., Delta Falirou
Client:Babis Vovos - Diethnis Techniki S.A.
Images:Thanos Athanassiou
Collaborators: Landscape Design by G. Vanis Architects
Sector: Mixed use, Offices & Administration

On a large site, open from all sides, with a curved front to Poseidonos Αvenue and the tramline, two twin office buildings were designed by the sea front, along with a department store in contact to a multiplex movie theater.

The two office buildings were designed with the sculptural particularity of a semi-circular entrance form, an open crucible that invites visitors to enter inside the complex. At the same time, the elongated arrangement of the façades and the mirrored repetition of the volumes, which stand over a unified underground base, create the impression of a passage-like building ensemble, a “gate”, to the commercial and recreation facilities at the back.
From a functional point of view, the buildings are consisted of open-plan ground floors with cafés and shops and four office floors with independent entrances at the rear side. The floors’ layout follows the typology of office areas arranged at the periphery, around circulation areas and shared facilities (meeting and seminar rooms, storage, restrooms).
Glass is chosen as the main material of the façade on the ground level as well as on the last floor, while the visible round columns are covered with white aluminum. The intermediate three storeys are clad with alternating continuous zones of polished and sandblasted black granite. The vertical surfaces of the corner cuttings are covered completely by glass curtain walls and white horizontal aluminum louvers. Similar shading devices project from the upper surrounding beams of the building frame. They were placed to underline the crowning of the buildings and accentuate aesthetically the upwards termination with a lighter perforated outline.

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