Hera Bay Luxury Resort

Location:Samos, Greece
Status:In progress
Sector: Hospitality & Leisure, Urban Design & Large Developments

Hera Bay Luxury Resort is a 5-star tourist accommodation complex of 12,000 sq.m., on an 85,000 sq.m. seaside plot, in the Greek island of Samos. The complex constitutes of independent hotel units, large common areas and a seaside zone available for leisure facilities and a marina yacht with adjacent recreational area.

The project aims to find the delicate balance between new built area and natural landscape. The contour lines of the inclined terrain are used as the significant tool of design. They guide the architectural design, creating serpentine zones of building areas and forming the road network that serves them. The resort consists mostly of cave units, either studios, or villas, that arise from the ground to form loft apartments at specific points. The roads that run through the plot follow the same concept design, swapping from underground to the ground level, so as to maintain the initial view of the landscape. The building units follow the plot's natural slope, offering a vast balcony with uninterrupted view to the sea and at the same time providing a sense of privacy and self- independence to the visitors. Overall, the land becomes a mosaic of fully integrated building structures to the reconstructed natural landscape.
The materials used for the intervention create a building sensitive to the place. The use of local stone, wooden elements, extensive planted (green) roofs and water features, coatings in earth hues and floorings made of stone tiles or stamped concrete, have all a common target: to create a sense of unique place and identity, interpreted to the materiality and genius loci of the area.

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