“River West Open“ Shopping Center

Location:1-3 Proodou Str. & 98-100 Kifissou Av., Egaleo
Client:Noval Property S.A.
Images:Yiorgis Yerolymbos / Spyros Hound
Collaborators: Concept Design in collaboration with L35 Architects, Lighting Designer: Matina Magklara, Landscape designer: Ecoscapes
Sector: Retail, Recently Completed

A decade after the establishment of the model Riverwest shopping center in the western suburbs of Athens, the project of its expansion to the west begins. The new development concerns the merging of the new commercial complex with the existing one, as well as the development of new dining areas and shops, throughout an outdoor space that consists of various visitor zones and recreation areas with green and water elements.
The central idea of ​​the expansion is the “crack“ formed by the discontinuous outline of the buildings, through which emerges a “river“ that crosses along the surrounding area of ​​development, creating pedestrian and green flows on its banks. The crack divides the shopping park into individual functional units of shops, supermarkets, restaurants and leisure areas, while at the same time it acts as a backbone that connects outdoor activities and incorporates a complete shopping walk that offers new experiences to the visitor and pushes him to wander and discover the place.

A two-storey complex of commercial and public gathering uses will replace the former industrial complex of Mouzakis, with main and auxiliary spaces in the basement. An urban park with a playground is formed in the northern part of the plot including an open-air amphitheater, sports area and a complex of artificial rocks, from where the water of the “river“ springs. The waterfall projects in the background and supplies water to a “natural lake“. This is the beginning of the “river“, which consists of units of water elements, where the flow of water changes successively: stationary initially, with low flow then, moves and foams over textured surfaces, to reach a smooth surface, before driven to the ground through a vortex.
The new dining area becomes part of the existing Riverwest balcony and expands further, communicating with the surrounding area, but also with double-height solar patios that collect the solar radiation in winter and open in summer, using movable fabric shading systems. The structure of the shops and the open spaces follows the inclined terrain of the surrounding space, creating stepped levels connected with stairs, or ramps.

The obvious aim towards sustainability became the basic axis of the architectural design, summarizing the general scope of the shopping mall in these principles:

  • Smooth integration of buildings with nature
  • Reduction of energy and CO2 emissions
  • Ecology
  • Recycling
  • The use of environmentally friendly materials.
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