Mansion in P. Psychiko

Location:P. Psychiko, Athens
Sector: Residential

The austere rectangular layout of the two-storey volume, placed in the center of the plot, evolves in a dynamic sculptural form towards the edge.

The slope of the roof creates spaces of gradually changing height on the ground floor, while the bedrooms are located at the “peak” of the roofed, cantilevered balcony of the first floor. The living areas are placed on both sides of the entrance hall, and they are extended with outdoors pavings in such a way that the natural environment “enters inside” the mansion through large sliding wooden-framed doors. Initially the continuous circulation from the first floor towards the garden was achieved via a light metal staircase, by a balcony which protruded from the side elevation.
In order to fully accentuate the concept of a floating vessel, the horizontal and inclined parts of the roof were extended, as well as the beveled supporting white plastered side walls. To emphasize the contrast, all elements belonging to the recessed groundwork were given a green and brown tint.

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